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If the qualities below sound like you, let’s have a chat. Ideally at the bar alongsidewhich we are moored.


We rarely have empty chairs with a job description on the back. That’s not normally how we recruit people. And it isn’t how we have grown so successfully. Instead we look for people who will work well in our team.

So what qualities do we look for? Here’s a few:

  • Sea legs… or at least canal legs. Our London offices are afloat, on large converted coal barges on the Regent’s Canal between Old St and Angel.
  • Fluent Fundraising… it will help if you speak it as most of our clients are good causes.
  • DRTV or Film experience will really help. It’s what we do.
  • Valid Passport: we literally work worldwide.
  • Ego-lite… we aren’t precious. We don’t do ‘Creatives’ and ‘Suits’. We demand a lot of each other. Expect to be challenged. And challenging.




Business Affairs Manager - London

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Media and Response Analyst - London

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